You can use the service for free or use a paid plan


0 / day
Create up to 3 active alerts*
Receive unlimited notifications
$0.19 / day
Create up to 20 active alerts*
Receive unlimited notifications
$0.89 / day
Create up to 150 active alerts*
Receive unlimited notifications
If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests, just contact us 🤟

How do I activate the Lite or Pro plan?

To activate a paid plan, you can top up your balance with any amount (we recommend at least $10). And after topping up you need to activate Lite or Pro plan.

How is balance deducted?

The balance is deducted every day, depending on the plan you choose. For example, if you have the Lite plan activated at $0.19 per day, you will be charged $0.19 every day.

The funds are deducted when you activate the plan or at the beginning of the day if the plan is already activated.

Can I use the service for free?

Yes, by default you have "Free" plan connected after registration, which is free of charge. According to this plan you can activate up to 3 notifications.

How can I stop debiting funds?

You can do this at any time. To do this, simply downgrade the plan to "Free"

What happens to my alerts if I run out of balance?

All alerts will change their status to "Stopped"

How can I deposit?

Go to the "Account" page, then go to the "Balance & Plans" tab and click on the "Top up balance" button. You can top up your account with any cryptocurrency.